10 tips on how to increase more followers on Linkedin

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At first glance, marketing on Linkedin may seem like a daunting task to add to your marketing efforts in 2022.

However, getting to know this channel gives your B2B business a competitive edge, as it allows you to grow organically, create highly targeted ads, and grow your authority in the market through your employees.

In today’s post, here are 10 tips to keep in mind when marketing your LinkedIn page.

01Use Linkedin to promote both your personal and corporate brand

People do business with people. If you don’t appear on LinkedIn, your business won’t grow. Personal brand helps you grow your Linkedin page exponentially.

02Unique content gets more exposure

Contribute to unique content creation on Linkedin. Emphasize professionalism and add value to the conversation that is currently taking place in your field of work. And I must say, don’t try to replicate what you’ve previously done on Facebook. It won’t work.

03Use the “Invite Connections to Follow” function

On your Linkedin page, you can invite up to 100 people to follow the page each month. Use this opportunity wisely. Make these invitations count. Our suggestion is to invite those people to follow your page who has interacted with your pages post or individual posts already.

04"Notify Employees" functionality

You can inform your employees of a new post by “Notify Employees”. This will quickly increase the engagement of your post and reach more people organically.

05First 30-60 minutes of your posts are crucial

Posts that get the most responses, comments or shares in the first hour will be shown to more people. Keep in mind when posting that the content you create has to bring value to your followers. Get them engaged with it.

06Use a maximum of 3 hashtags

By using hashtags, you increase the unique reach of your content and get it seen by people who are not following your page yet. It’s recommended to use hashtags in English because the usage of Estonian hashtags is not very common on Linkedin yet.

07Use Linkedin Ads to reach more people

In addition to organic growth, it is sometimes advisable to create Linkedin Ads. Offer value. Give away something for free, like an e-book or a free webinar to get people interested in you.

08Minimum advertising budget on Linkedin is 10 €

When planning Linkedin advertising budget, keep in mind that compared to other social media networks it’s more expensive. We suggest companies to show ads on Linkedin when the total value of a sale is higher than 5 000€.

09You can't create ads in Estonian

You have to take this into account when marketing to an Estonian customer. It doesn’t matter if you are a small company or a large corporation. Ads cannot be displayed in Estonian yet, because LinkedIn does not yet have support in Estonian.

10Use Linkedin Insight Tag

Add this JavaScript snippet ASAP to your homepage. It gives you a good idea of which Linkedin users are visiting your site and allows you to show them remarketing campaigns. You can find your unique page on LinkedIn Insight Tags HERE.

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