Paid Ads

We ditch the vanity metrics and concentrate
on KPIs that are actually important.

Do your ads bring in more revenue?

Paid Ads – the “secret sauce” to your marketing strategy. When done right, of course. This is how we help you exceed your targets:


We help your customers navigate through the BS.

Attract the audience

We make them want
to come to you.

Enjoy the show

Our proven track record makes the experience seem even more magical.

Linkedin Ads

People say Linkedin is too expensive, but surely that’s just a misconception? We agree. Because of better targeting options, more investments are also required.

  • Become an Authority
  • Start the discussion
  • Strategy

Facecook Ads

There are almost 3 billion people on Facebook. The right targeting is key to having big impact. We’ll fine-tune your scope and find the right people from those 3 billion individuals.

  • Build a Community
  • Create a following by being present
  • Grow by being present

Google Ads

Your customers are already looking for solutions on the web, so why not show them yours? Google Ads is the perfect tool for this, as you can capture existing demand and monetize from it.

  • Capture Demand
  • Increase Mindshare
  • Monetize from it

Instagram ads

If your customers are on Instagram, they might be scrolling it at this very moment. Time to show them what you’re all about. Even when they are not in buying mode, they’ll still remember what you’re all about when the time comes.

  • Grab Attention
  • Increase Mindshare
  • Educate

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