Tilk.bio Skincare

Tilk.bio is an Estonian skincare brand, that produces all-natural and sustainable skincare products with local ingredients.

Tilk! Started out as a small company, where the founder, Pille Lengi, did everything by herself from making the products, packing the orders and even marketing. As a mother of young kids, she realized that she won’t be able to keep it up long-term.


Social media marketing and Facebook Ads

E-mail marketing

Branding and product development

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Marketing Strategy of Tilk!

In the marketing strategy of Tilk!, the main focus is on social media, where to find and attract new customers. For example, in Facebook, Tilk! has built a strong platform with loyal customers, where they can distribute their posts both organically and combined with paid ads the strategy provides the best results.


We have found that educational posts are the main key to win over new customers and build long-lasting relationships. Strategized social media posts that educate people about Tilk!’s products, their benefits and differences from other skincare products on the market, are a good starting point to catch interest. When that first spark is made, a long-term marketing funnel comes to play, where next to social media we also bring in e-mail marketing.

“When I was looking for someone to help with marketing, Molivery caught my eye with a young and aspiring team, who were eager to try out new innovative and maybe sometimes even a little bit crazy things.” -Pille Lengi, founder and CEO of Tilk!

What have we accomplished?

2020 – rise in online sales


increase in the total revenue generated


increase in the total number of transactions

2021 – the rise in online sales continues


increase in the total revenue generated


increase in the total number of transactions

Summary of cooperation

During our partnership period, Tilk! Has managed to establish a strong brand in Estonian market.

One of the small but significant changes to grow was to widen Tilk!’s initial customer segment. With a good marketing strategy and customer segmentation, we have managed to successfully attract new customer personas and convert them into loyal customers.

We have a good and strategical partnership with Molivery, where we make sure to align our goals and draw out our marketing plan and vision both in short and long-term.

– Pille Lengi
founder and CEO of Tilk!

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