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As a company with a long and noble history, Tavid has always been rather well known in Estonia. That said, many people usually associate Tavid more with money-exchange business rather than as a precious metals dealer.



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Marketing Strategy of Tavid

With the changes in the global economy all through 2020, Tavid concentrated more on the sales of investment gold. Since online shopping was on the rise everywhere over the world, the increase in their digital presence was the next logical step for Tavid.

Tavid felt, like doing all of this on their own would be too time-consuming and also they would lack professional skills and expertise. This is where our partnership began.

Money is always a touchy subject to people. Tavid there so faces a big challenge in making the subject of investing more understandable to potential customers. Here comes the secret sauce of the marketing strategy for Tavid – educating people.

“We never felt as if we were just another client for Molivery – they made sure we were treated personally. Even if the subject itself as investment gold was new to them, they took time to understand our business.”- Siim Nõmm, Tavid AS, Head of Cash Flow

What have we accomplished?

2021 – rise in online sales and digital presence


higher open rate on the monthly newsletter


average open rate on automated emails

Summary of cooperation

Tavid felt that their marketing had a lot of unused potentials. Their initial goal was to have a better understanding of social media marketing and Google Ads. They wanted to understand together with a professional marketing team, what should they do, how does it work and what they need to change to provide better results.

We have managed to do a lot more than that in our one year partnership period. Additionally, to those smaller pieces of marketing we started with, we have managed to build a solid marketing strategy and marketing funnels that drive us constant results.

– Siim Nõmm
Tavid AS, Head of Cash Flow

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