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The challenge: Find local dealers all over the world and start exporting to those countries, but Dipperfox lacked a wider business network on LinkedIn to get started.

The result: Dipperfox managed to build an audience in just 11 months, become visible on LinkedIn and thanks to these efforts, find 6 dealers from all around the world.



LinkedIn marketing

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Dipperfox's marketing objectives

Dipperfox believed that their first product could make waves around the globe. But to sustain end-users demands locally, Dipperfox decided to set up a dealer network.

Lacking the wider business network to get it started, they set sights on LinkedIn. Their goals for LinkedIn were to find dealers from all around the world.

Find dealers from all around the world and build a distribution network – with the help of LinkedIn.

Results from 1-year of being on LinkedIn

An overview of Dipperfox’s wins in 2021

350 000

organic impressions on LinkedIn


product dealers found


acquired new contacts worldwide

Working with Molivery

When asked Jaana, the CEO of Dipperfox, about their relationship with Molivery, she replies that they have enjoyed working together with the marketing agency and highlights what they bring to the table:

Molivery has a sublime team. A team that has enough time and devotion to come up with new ideas together with us.

– Jaana Külm
CEO, Dipperfox

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